I currently serve as assistant professor in Division of Information Systems at Institute of Informatics at Wroclaw University of Technology. My Ph.D was received from Wroclaw University of Technology. My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Przemyslaw Kazienko.

My research interests lie in the fields of machine learning, multi-label classification, statistical relational learning, collective classification, social network analysis and large data processing. Specifically, new methods and models to discover latent structure in data, including labels' dependencies, using label space transformation, hierarchical techniques like chaining and stacking and other statistical methods. I also leverage computer science algorithms and ideas to perform inference efficiently for big data.

All developed methods I apply to problems in cognitive science, where I strive to model human behaviour, including human categorization (classification),  in the area of financial data modelling as well as in the decision support in engineering. I have also applied methods that I have developed to some problems in computational biology, information retrieval and computer security.

In years 2007-2011, I worked with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services in Financial Services Practice introducing intelligent banking information systems. Currently I occasionally act as an independent consultant in the Business Intelligence field collaborating with the biggest public and private companies in Poland.
In 2010 I received the Microsoft Research Cambridge Award for the 3rd Best Poster at International Summer School of Pattern Recognition, Plymouth, UK.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011,2012 I was granted the University Award for Accomplishments in Research (Wroclaw University of Technology). For years 2010-2012 I received a scholarship from The European Union in The Human Capital Program. Additionally, in 2011 I obtained a research grant from The Polish Ministry of Science.

Wroclaw University of Technology is one of the best technical universities in Poland – over 32 000 students study here under the guidance of 2 000 academic teachers, at the 12 faculties and the Department of Fundamental Studies, as well as in the 4 regional branches. Recently, it has been announced the best technical university in Poland for the second consecutive time in the oldest Polish ranking of higher education schools carried out by the “Wprost” magazine (in 2006 and 2007). Wroclaw University of Technology appears as the capital of Polish computer science. This is because of the European level of teaching and research run by the university employees. Their achievements are recognised not only in Poland but also abroad.

More infromation at: http://www.portal.pwr.wroc.pl/info_podstawowe,242.dhtml